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The chauffeur-driven rental service provided by World Wide Group enables customers to travel in luxury in impeccably clean and well-kept high-end vehicles. The drivers are expertly trained professionals who offer personalized services to meet individual customer requirements. Additionally, the service operates around the clock, seven days a week, ensuring utmost flexibility for travelers. With a wide range of cars at their disposal, World Wide Group can cater to various needs, whether it be for business trips or special events like weddings or important functions.

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Some travel to lose themselves, others travel to discover themselves.

The WORLD WIDE GROUP was established in 2000 by Cavalier Tiziano De Santis and his wife Paola Ianniello. In its initial years of operation, the company focused primarily on chauffeured car rental services.

Since 2001, WWG has held the exclusive supplier status for Emirates Airline, providing limousine services to all First and Business Class passengers across Italy and Switzerland.

These services are known for their exceptional quality standards, ensuring comfort and excellence for customers.

Over time, the company broadened the array of services provided to the aforementioned elite clientele, with support services delivered by WWG Hostesses, stationed at the airports of Milan Malpensa, Fiumicino, Venice, and Bologna.

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Worldwide offers an accurate rental service with driver throughout the national territory. In the airports of Rome, Milan, Venice and Bologna, it has established its image through scrupulous reception and assistance services to passengers, provided by dedicated hostess staff.

World Wide Group offers a rental service with driver in the municipalities of Loreggia, Massanzago and Campodarsego as well as the large Italian capitals. Thanks to this service, customers can enjoy a comfortable and exclusive journey without having to worry about driving. In this article we will discover what the World Wide Group chauffeur-driven rental service offers, why choose it and how to book it.

The limousine service is guaranteed by the performance of carefully selected, multilingual and always elegant drivers. Their reliability is accompanied by a very high level fleet of Mercedes cars (Comfort Class, S Class, S500 Class, V Class and 7/8 seater Minivans) with a maximum registration of up to two years.

WorldWide has been present in the sector for over a decade and boasts a valid team, made up of highly qualified operators, active every day of the year 24 hours a day, ready to respond to any request.

Worldwide Group represents the ideal partner for anyone who needs well-organised transfers, whether planned or last minute, with decidedly competitive rates. It has always specialized in the high quality of the chauffeur service, thanks to rigid control processes, annually confirmed by mandatory audits required by the ISO 9001:2015 recognition.

Con orgoglio e ammirazione Worldwide Group è lieta di rappresentare il Fornitore Ufficiale del servizio Limousine, da 20 anni, per conto della Compagnia Aerea Emirates in tutto il territorio italiano e svizzero.

there are those who travel to find themselves

There are those who travel to get lost,


WORLD WIDE GROUP provides efficient chauffeur- driven car rental services across the country. At the airports in Rome, Milan, Bologna, and Venice, the company ensures meticulous reception and assistance through dedicated hostesses.

The Limousine service is delivered by carefully chosen, multilingual, and impeccably dressed drivers. Their dependability is matched with a fleet of top-tier vehicles, including Mercedes S Class, Mercedes E Class, and Mercedes V Class 7PAX, all of recent make.


The goal is taking off.


Planning and organizing every practical aspect before departure is crucial to prevent unexpected surprises and to feel liberated even prior to departure. In the realm of chauffeur-driven car rentals, WORLD WIDE GROUP stands as one of the foremost companies, adept at providing a service that focuses on the minutest details, thereby elevating a mere journey into a genuine and unparalleled life experience.


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WWG ensures private surveillance and security services around the clock, thanks to dedicated personnel with rigorous military and paramilitary training. They have gained experience through numerous high-profile personal protection assignments for Heads of State and Government worldwide.

Among the services provided by WORLD WIDE GROUP are:

  • Armed and non-armed surveillance services for events,
  • conferences, hotels, tourist facilities, properties, and sports
  • facilities.
  • VIP escort, body-guard services
  • Patrol: services coordinated by patrols to monitor specific areas.
  • Video control: alarm system management services and video surveillance.
  • Picketing: security service for safeguarding assets and properties.
  • Trustee concierge: security services for registering individuals or vehicles in restricted areas.


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If you seek a comfortable and luxurious means of transportation in Rome, Rome Limousine Service’s chauffeur-driven rental service is the perfect solution. With a wide range of available luxury vehicles, you can select the one that best fits your requirements, whether it be a spacious SUV or a classic black limousine.

The service is accessible for airport transfers, ensuring utmost punctuality and dependability. With the capacity to tailor the service to meet individual requirements, World Wide Group distinguishes itself as a premier choice for those seeking a personalized and bespoke chauffeur- driven rental service.

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