Rome luxury car rental for loisirs and free time

The luxury car rental in Rome allows you to move in absolute freedom and reconcile work commitments with visits in free time and for the loisir.

The Italian capital has a history that makes it unique, so it has been for centuries and so it will be, but this does not prevent to see this gorgeous city with more profane eyes and fancy of a walk with the chauffered limousine with the aim to relax and shop in its most famous streets or in its lesser-known but equally interesting corners.

No need to be Chiara Ferragni to feel at the center of World fashion in Via Condotti and you do not need to be a Hollywood diva to appreciate the shops that lead from there to Piazza di Spagna.

The hand-crafted fashion brands and international brands show up one after other on a sparkling walk and you will Reich a pleasant rest on the steps of Piazza di Spagna without the problem of parking thanks to the promptness and professionalism of our drivers.

In the meantime, if you want to breathe a bit of international culture, you can always look at the church of the Holy Trinity of the Mountains or arrange a visit to the home of John Keats. So it will be better to have one of our spacious limousines near where to store the shopping bags, especially if they were only the first of a long series.

The Rome luxury car rental to organize a weekend or a week of loisir

In alternative, if you are going to extend your loisir for more days, it might be nice to organize your nights at the Hotel Art by Spanish Steps, even in this case our luxury car rental in Rome will be at your service whenever you have need. Going from a Gucci bag for her to a dress by Battistoni for him or looking for something more casual by MaxMara or Omega Boutique will seem routine every day even if it is really difficult to talk about everyday life when it comes to haute couture Dior, Vuitton, Cartier; in a sort of fight untill the latest international label are compared with our high fashion giants Dolce & Gabbana, Trussardi, Valentino, Ferragamo, Furla, Bulgari, Alberta Ferretti, Brioni and it will certainly be necessary to have our chauffered limousine and our drivers within walking distance ready to give you the support you are looking for.

For a more eccentric shopping or simply the desire to stay on craft brands that represent the life of Rome, Del Giudice and its bags in Via della Stelletta are a must. Speaking of “eccentricity”, one immediately thinks of Elizabeth II and her extravagant hats; then it is right to fancy about a walk with the Queen of England with our luxurious limousines with driver to get to the ancient hats manufacturing in Via degli Scipioni.

Speaking of Emporio Armani, however, the most could think of the luxury car hire Milan rather than the Roman one, but we are sure that this high fashion brand can be nicely purchased and worn right in via del Babbuino using our limo service.

If too much shopping tires you, if you are more thoughtful people or simply your free time is nothing more than the cutting between a professional commitment and another, probably our Rome limp service will be able to accompany you to Villa Borghese instead of via Condotti. Actually you will really move a little, in fact, you can use the gates of Trinità dei Monti to start the walk because Villa Borghese is in the center, despite being the fourth largest Roman park.

Its extension touches the center of Rome, crossing the whole Pinciano district. Although its name refers to the family Borghese family with papal kinships, its nucleus is identifiable with the antecedents Horti Luculliani.

Walking into the park, through the street of the fine arts, you can decide to sip a coffee at the Casina del Lago, after it will be easier to immerse yourself in the pieces of art of the bourgeois gallery between works by Tiziano, Canova and a formidable number of works by Caravaggio and sculptures Bernini.

And if once again we want to feel the international connection with Great Britain, the Silvano Toti Globe Theater will allow you to feel in a real Shakespearean theater.

In short, a city that does not miss anything to its visitors, to live better with our luxury car rental in Rome.

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