A Journey through the Architecture: limo services from Rome Fiumicino

Rome is an open-air museum that can be admired from the wide windows (or panoramic roof) of our limo services from Rome Fiumicino and in fact architecture is one of the elements that visibly dominate a city that has always grown riding on the main cultures of the various historical periods.

Museums and art galleries are places of pleasure widely available in the Roman metropolis and all this can also be appreciated with a simple walk, given the palaces full of history and beauty being there. We have addressed the topic extensively and are sure you will appreciate the information in the previous articles.

Limo services Rome Fiumicino to walk through the Roman architecture

Until September 26 2018, you will have the chance to visit the exhibition of a historian and intellectual who used culture as a perspective for the study of Roman architectural development from the post-war period to the new millennium: Bruno Zevi. The Bruno Zevi Foundation itself wanted to celebrate its history and its works on the occasion of the centenary of Zevi's birth together with Pippo Ciorra and Jean Louis Cohen as a seal of guarantee of the care of the show in every detail. If this were not enough, all this takes place in the museum of modern culture: the National Museum of the XXI Century MAXXI.

What is the MAXXI and how to get there with the rental with driver from Rome Fiumicino

The MAXXI is the first national institution dedicated to contemporary creativity, its success and the same construction of the museum haven't been an easy step given the great ambition on the one hand and its birth in full financial crisis on the other. Built in 2009 by a foundation chaired over by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities MIBACT consists of 2 dedicated sections, MAXXI Art and MAXXI architecture.
As its futuristic architectural structure suggests, it is above all a laboratory of experimentation and cultural innovation and this makes the figure of Bruno Zevi particularly suited to the museum's mission, almost his ideal home.

Who is Bruno Zevi and why it is so important for Roman architecture

Bruno Zevi, historian, architecture critic and urban architect was undoubtedly the one who supported architecture in all its innovative spirit. In fact, those who believe to go and visit a monographic exhibition on the critic will be pleasantly surprised by the chorality expressed by the plethora of fabulous architects exposed there because this event describes the whole world of a professional who loved architecture and exalted all the colleagues who expressed in that era the architecture of freedom, anti-idolatrous and creative.
You can count 35 architects in the exhibition, including Luigi Pellegrin or Maurizio Sacripanti, all closely linked to Bruno Zevi and ordered according to a single leitmotiv: the support of the critical Zevian line.
In this regard it should be remembered that this cultural wave started in Rome, but involved all of Italy. So you will come across the drawings of La Martella or Complesso Marchese and other works that are not necessarily located in Rome or Lazio, works that only MAXXI allows you to contemplate on this unique occasion.

By renting one of our limousines you can comfortably reach Via Guido Reni, the headquarters of the MAXXI, and you will discover the architecture of contradictions and freedom, and maybe you can take advantage of our limousine to shoot all the post-war Rome sung in Zevian criticism, thanks above all to professionalism of our drivers.

The limo services Rome Fiumicino is the starting point to experience the wonders of the capital, the city that most of all represents the Italian cultural evolution, from the Roman Empire passing by the days described by Bruno Zevi up to the present day, and it will be a (pleasant) challenge to visit all the amenities that the city and its region offer. Therefore, the first advice we give you is to rely on our staff who will assist you at the first contact in order to:

  • Optimize your time;
  • Manage the routes, whether they are for working or leisure purpose;
  • Reach the most beautiful places;
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