Limousine service and taxi rent in Rome: analysis and fare

Whether we talk about limo service or taxihireinRome, we believe that there are points on which we must not compromise and that the tariffs proposed by the service provider must stand as a guarantee. With this article we will try to analyze the problems related to car hire with driver in Rome, because the attentive customer has the right to demand the rightfares and the right service.

First of all, it should be remembered that values such as professionalism, sobriety, elegance and highly qualified personnel do not allow compromises, they cannot be bargained for often insignificant savings. As we’ve already written in our previous articles, the fares of car rental with driver must reflect a luxury that cannot be found elsewhere and quality standards that make that experience special, as for example luxury limousine of the Mercedes-Benz group.

It should be added that limousine service Rome has as its prerogative elegant drivers and polyglots, staff capable of programming without leaving space to the unexpected. The car rental in Rome don’t need to care about the costs of these service to spare money, in fact it is fair to remind that it is a service upon booking while taxi is a service upon request.

In the case of our car rental service with the addition of a strategic departure from the Rome Fiumicino airport.

After this analysis the question is whether the right rates may exist even among the hundreds of taxis that run around the city, our answer cannot go straight to the point, because we could be biased, but surely we can say that the limousine service can be a guarantee of quality, since in most cases, the taxi driver has the main purpose to capitalize immediately, saving when it can, sometimes even on the maintenance and cleaning of the car.

Clearly, renting a chauffeured limousine in a metropolis like Rome requires uncommon professionalism and a high level of preparation, and this will be even more evident if the customer also needs to take advantage of additional services such as vigilance and security, services naturally not covered by taxis.

The limits of the taxi compared to the limousine service in Rome

It is fair to add to the previous analysis that the taxi driver is not necessarily a driver with many years of experience and there is a risk that he sees the customer only as a person to transport from point A to point B, without worrying about optimizing neither its time nor its satisfaction, but only of the final gain. For some taxi drivers, the extra km will always be better than the shortest and fastest route!

The limousine service in Rome, therefore, is able to ensure the right rates to the customer, without compromise and without surprises, and this is the first thing to keep in mind before choosing between the limo service and taxi hire.

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